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To Call It Insane Persistance?

July 17, 2013 in Health & Wellness, Hiking, Interests


Yesterday I hiked Mission Peak in just over 59 minutes, what I didn’t tell you was that I used my average cross trainer shoes, which painfully crushed several of my toes on the steep portions of the climb down.

Needless to say, I was done with Read the rest of this entry →

Conquered Mission Peak again – 59:10!!

July 16, 2013 in Health & Wellness, Hiking, Interests

Not my best time, however not bad for being away for 6 weeks – most of which was my vacation in China!20130715-182852.jpg

My new “Short Link” for my AskEric Google + Page

May 23, 2013 in About, Blog, Eric, Social, Technology, Wordpress

Well, until Google+ opens the gates wider for those of us “more common” folk with Google Plus (G+, Google+) Pages we have to use our long string of numbers for example my direct URL to my current (as of May 23, 2013) AskEric G+ Page is:

To overcome this, there are several solutions and ideas I’ve read about online, including becoming a famous person, famous company, or some other brand identity which fetches millions of follower’s to my G+ page!  Well, that is not likely to happen.

Alternate solution?  Why yes!  Get a “Short URL” !!!

There are short url services out there such as or, however there is another solution that occurred to me, as it IS ALL ABOUT BRANDING anyways – right?

AE_Logo_250x250How about:

Go ahead and give it a try – click it, copy & paste it or type it directly in your internet browser, it will redirect you to my google plus page’s url which I gave to you earlier above.

Now, to make this little bit of “magic” happen was not as simple at first as I had hoped, I had logged in to my “Cpanel” for my domain “” – if you don’t know what I”m talking about at this point, I am sorry, this is where it will get a little “technical” and “geek speak”… Yikes! LOL!

Once in the Cpanel, I found the Read the rest of this entry →

by Eric

13-0522 – 0001 – BTR – Show Notes – Building Your New Google Plus Page

May 22, 2013 in Blog Talk Radio Broadcasts, BTR Show Notes, Entertainment, Uncategorized by Eric


Blog Talk Radio Show – Ask Eric – Episode 0001 – The First Show
TOPIC: Technology: Building your new Google Plus Page
Air Date: May 22, 2013 @ 8:00 am (PST)
Host: Eric D. Brown


Welcome to my first ever Broadcast on Blog Talk Radio, I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoy making it.

I have uploaded some music beds, and sound effects to try to spice it up a little. No doubt as I get more familiar with BTR, and their control board, I will be able to offer much more, including having a good variety of topics, guests, and live calls.

So, for my first topic, since Alice did ask “Eric what’s your show going to be about?”

Well, she is Read the rest of this entry →

by Eric

My 1st Blog Talk Radio Broadcast! May 22, 2013 @ 8 am (PST)

May 21, 2013 in Blog Talk Radio Broadcasts, Entertainment by Eric


Click My Image to link directly to the BTR Show!

Topic: Building Your own Google Plus Page!

I know, G+ what is that!!!???  Well, I felt the same way last week, and so I decided to find out what is going on with these Google + Pages, and that is what this show will be about.

Hopefully I will be able to give you enough insight and motivation to start your own Google Plus page, circles and even have you pop over to my AskEric page and follow it, and add it to one of your circles!

Why have a G+ Page?  Find out tomorrow!

~ Eric

by Eric

HELP! Please like my Google + page…

May 16, 2013 in About, Blog, Eric by Eric


Well, I just got word back from Google that I need more people liking my G+ page before they will allow me the G+ vanity URL.


Here is the current “long” URL…
So – Please Help!!!

Please like my Google + page so I can properly secure the “AskEric” vanity G+ URL…  (stupid G+ rules!)

Main website:

Follow me at:

by Eric


May 15, 2013 in Writing by Eric

Thanks for wanting to take a look at my writing.

I have written the following Screenplays:

Daisy Comedy / Romance Movie PDF finished
San Francisco Iconic Thriller / Suspense Movie PDF unfinished
Set For Life Thriller / Murder Movie PDF unfinished
The Flower Shop Comedy Television PDF / Video finished
The High Speed Chase Action Movie PDF finished

If you have an interest in reading any one of them, then please contact me using the form below:

by Eric

Blog about my blog….

May 15, 2013 in Blog by Eric

This blog will be more concentric around my thoughts and ideas for writing and my screenplays.

This area may include inspiration from my walking or hiking, or from my travels, or just a lucid moment captured during a mundane fragment of time.

Regardless, it is here and will probably not be very interesting to myself, much less you….  ;-)

Thanks for reading, comments are welcome.

~ Eric


by Eric

Eagle Spotted While Hiking Mission Peak, California

May 11, 2013 in Hiking, Interests, Nature by Eric

I spotted this beautiful eagle yesterday while hiking down from the summit of Mission Peak, and was lucky enough to get within 10 feet to take this picture!


by Eric

The “Original” website….

May 10, 2013 in About, Eric, History by Eric

Okay friends, if you have followed my website in the past, clearly you see a HUGE change from the old “original” design (which is in fact not the true “original” but it was the longest lasting design).


So, what happened?

Well, thanks to the popularity of Apple’s iOS effectively “banning” Read the rest of this entry →

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